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Tax sale is not included in prices. 8.25% wil be included on invoice total.​

Mulch can help keep shrubs and flowers beds healthy and attractive. It can help retain moisture and prevent weed, as well as insulanting plants from temperature extremes. Mulch also can help water penetrate the soil better and moderates soil temperature extremes, with encourages healthy rooting.


We install mulch per cub yards. 1 cubic yard covers approximately 150 sq ft going 2" deep and 75 sq ft with 4" deep. The Mulch made from hardwood trees ground and colored to a final size of 1.1/2" and smaller. You can choose different colors: Red, Coffee, Black, Fine Grind, Regular Hardwood. We also install Pine Bark mulch with final size of 3" and pecan Mulch.

Harwood Fine Grind

Black Dyed

Native Budget

Red Dyed


Fine Grind Pine Bark

Harwood Regular Grind

Pine Bark Nuggets

Pecan Shell

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