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Fire Ants

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You care about your lawn and want to create a safe playing environment for your family. Fire ants are invasive pests that will build mounds almost anywhere. Fire ants don't damage turf, but they do construct nests which are often visible in home lawns as domeshaped mounds of soil. The mounds tend to be in sunny open locations in lawns, but can also be found in cracks of side walks, around trees, under pavement and buildings, and occasionally indoors. Disturbing the mounds can lead to the ants emerging and aggressively biting and stinging the intruder. A white pustule usually appears within 24 hours of the sting. Although rare, fire ant stings can be deadly to humans who are allergic and fire ants can also attack pets, livestock and wildlife.


We apply TopChoice insecticide to provide singleapplication control of fires ants for up to a full year. This product controls existing colonies as well as prevents new infestations. And it´s formulated specifically for broadcast application with commercially available spreaders.  

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